What Is Video Marketing and Why It Is So Important

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What Is Video Marketing and Why It Is So Important

Content is the cornerstone of most online marketing strategies. It has always been a determining factor in measuring ranking, conversion, and targeting. You will surely have heard the phrase “ content is king “. This, however, has led in the past few years to producing content beyond normal limits. And when this happens, we have a web full of clickbait titles to click on them, shallow conversations, and overly optimized webpages. In addition, while search engines reward deeper content, the average internet user does not want to spend a lot of time – or does not have time – on a deeper insight. In simple terms Google wants genuine content with high quality and quantity which most people are too bored to read.

So what is the solution?

There is no simple answer to this question. Clearly content is still very important and will always be. Google wants “words”. The need for high quality content is higher than ever as competition is growing. On the other hand, only good content is not enough. This is because Google’s goal is to make the internet user friendly, ie to meet the needs of users without bothering them. Here comes the video , which is a very fast native part of the marketing, because it is much easier to pass a message through it than a lengthy text. It also offers a number of other benefits to a marketing campaign that will help your business find new customers and drive sales.

The first and most obvious thing that video use can do while other content formats cannot, is to have a person deliver your message giving it the character you want. This is a way in which marketers can begin to build trust around a product or service. We are much more willing to hear someone and look at his message when we can see his face. The video creates a connection that is real and simple. When your content shows how beneficial a product or service is, you will start to see more interest and higher returns.

SEO Benefits From Video Marketing

The video has become one of the most important types of content in winning dedicated followers. When properly used, it can also help your website a lot in SEO (search engine optimization) . You can, for example, earn some quality backlinks using videos on your website as other websites can use your video and give your website as a source that also helps increase brand awareness . When you provide a brief, fun and confidential answer to an important question, users will of course connect with it. The video also encourages people to spend more time on your site. Time on the site is one of the elements we know affects search engine rankings. Embedding videos is a great way to encourage them to spend a little more time on your website.

You should also note that you can include links to your YouTube videos from specific product or service pages on your site. Surely these links can send more people to your site. And as more people visit you, the more likely it is that you can connect them to your content, which also indirectly affects your SEO. And most importantly, if those people watched a video and then visited your site, that means they are interested in your products.

How to make good use of your video marketing

Just like with any other content, video must also be created for a very specific purpose. You cannot just create a video without purpose, pull it out and wait for great things to happen automatically.

Check out some of the following video types:

  • Video Explanation: Are there any difficult concepts in your industry? Is your product something completely new and unique? A simple video that educates your audience can be very useful.
  • Customer Testimonies: If you can include real people in a video talking about their real experiences then you can build trust around your brand.
  • Demo Videos: Sometimes users need to see your product in action to understand if and how it actually benefits them.
  • Personalized videos: An email containing videos created for a specific proposal can do a lot to create a good consumer and brand relationship.

How to use marketing videos in Social Media

When we talk about video marketing, we assume it will include some videos from YouTube. While this is normal and expected, it may be time to start thinking a little differently (out of the box). Facebook videos have a very upward trend and today on the Facebook there are about 4 billion videos uploaded per day worldwide.

Just like any other search engine, there is a lot of competition on YouTube to show a video at the top of the search results. And this can be a real challenge with so many people competing for this top spot. The hosting of your Facebook videos, however, is a little different. People who see a video on Facebook are probably not looking for a particular video to relax and watch for a few minutes. They just watch because they are willing to consume some content, so when they see a video on Facebook, it’s because it appeared in their newsfeed according to their interests. And now, Facebook’s Newsfeed algorithm attaches great importance to videos, so as a company, you probably see many more ‘videos’ than another link for quick updates. This means you have to upload the video directly to Facebook and not just share a video outside of the platform.

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Embed Video Marketing in Content Strategy

Video marketing works best when integrated into the rest of your strategy. All news, social media, and video productions should work together to make your business come true, communicate with your audience and give them the answers they need. Do not create videos because ‘everyone does it’. Create a video because it will help you achieve your overall goals. There are many great opportunities with video marketing and you can really show your creative side and create exciting content that will make you stand out from the competition.

Video creation and management and the right marketing video strategy is not easy but it is definitely worth it and it can have results beyond any expectation. In case you want to get the opinion of experts in the field of video marketing then do not hesitate to ask us. You can call us or send us an email at info@lithosdigital.com.

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