If it’s digital, we got it.

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Who we are.

At Lithos Digital we love Digital Marketing, and we have turned our passion into our profession. And that’s because we believe that only when you really love your job can you stand out and be the best in your field. And we, we are the best.

Our specialty is digital marketing. Simply put, we promote a website to the top of Google for the best keywords, increase traffic and sales and broaden its image, contributing to the overall brand awareness. Of course our capabilities do not stop there. We are also professionals in web development and design, eshop set-up with WordPress, consultancy and content creation — texts and photos on the website. As we said before, if it’s digital, we got it.

We have offices and colleagues in Athens, Seville and London. Our clientele includes brands from small businesses to international corporations. You will find some of them in our portfolio. Others prefer to keep the reason for their success secret from their competition.

Our team members had worked at major digital marketing companies abroad, especially in England, the heart of digital marketing, for several years. We have worked with clients in every field, from all over the world with great success.

Our goal is to help as many businesses as possible enhance their presence on the Internet. We succeed in our aims by accomplishing your goals. We are obsessed with innovation and creation. The greatest satisfaction in our work is to do and achieve things that no one else has done.

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We gather all the necessary information about your business, your market, your competition and your goals. We research both your brand’s ranking on the Internet (insight) and your competitors’ online presence (competitor analysis) so that we can devise an effective strategy that will yield the desired results based on your goals.


Apply the appropriate digital marketing techniques and take the necessary actions to achieve the desired goals (on page SEO, off page SEO, outreach, social etc.). Keep track of both your performance and the market in case we need to implement changes in order to reach our goals.


Deliver analytical reports on all marketing actions and their outcome. We look at the results carefully, we collect the necessary information about the market and the online ranking of your business, we offer professional advice and we build a new strategy for your next goals.