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Nowadays it is hard to find colleagues who are both credible and professional. Finding people who are passionate about their work and relate to your concerns is truly rare. For me, the Lithos Digital team, and especially Mr. Meksis, stand out. Besides their civility and knowledge of their field (you will understand what I mean from the first time you talk with them), they are more interested in offering excellent services than selling a product. There were many times when they went out of their way and took more actions than necessary in order to help me with my business even more…. They were by my side from the start, solving every single problem I had and producing exceptional results!! I strongly recommend them, especially to people who are getting started with digital marketing!!

Faidon Ioannidis / To Vima tis Ko
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Professional and reliable. Quick responses.

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The best company in this field in Greece – and I say this because I am well aware of the competition. I saw results from the first month and visits, views and profits keep increasing. Andreas, Alexandra and Dionisis are excellent partners who don’t stop surprising us with their work. Their original ideas and their consistent initiatives appeal to the people we want to approach. I feel that this is the sort of partnership that comes once in a lifetime and it will last for many years as it will help us reach the top of our field. Lateau Patisserie has gained fame and love thanks to Lithos. Thank you very much for that.

Michalis Galanakis / Lateau Patisserie
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Professionals of high caliber who respect the demands of their clients and their strategic growth plan. We strongly recommend Lithos Digital.

Konstantinos Tzioras / Travelway Europe
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I recommend Lithos Digital to anyone who wants to build a website or to get digital marketing services because they are the best colleagues to have. The basic principles of the company are credibility and diligence. They get many stars from me. Well done to all of you.

Kostas Argiros / Revma Store
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Great digital marketing company – always willing to go above and beyond, clear communication and very fast response times. Highly recommended!

Guy Timmis / Plonk Golf
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Lithos Digital has helped us with our site promotion immensely, and we have to admit that they know the latest trends and developments in the field of digital marketing.

Efi Fotopoulou / Fotopharmacy
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The whole team is amazing! It is a company with excellent expertise in their field and vigorous solutions to every problem, not to mention their quick responses to clients!!

Georgos Moustakas / Fasma Hellas
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The whole team is amazing! It is a company with excellent expertise in their field and vigorous solutions to every problem, not to mention their quick responses to clients!!

Georgos Moustakas / Aetion Art
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It is important to have reliable and diligent partners who listen to your concerns carefully. Lithos Digital managed to exceed our expectations right from the start. Really and truly, they are astonishingly passionate about their work! I strongly recommend them!

Nektarios Kotsis / KSK Rent a Car
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Very quick reaction times, goes the extra mile. Professional and excellent communication. We would recommend Lithos at anytime, especially in the European context.

Helena Jochberger
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A few months are enough to realize that cooperation with the specific agency can only be beneficial. Trust them and you won’t regret it. Digital marketing is a science, and Lithos Digital knows how to make our business take off. Andrea, thank you for responding to this difficult project.

Kostas Argiros
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Lithos Digital made our website and eshop: They duly performed their tasks, they were flexible and extremely helpful with after-sales services. Everything worked like clockwork. 

Sophia Kostopoulou / Enjoy Learning
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We have been working together for about 1 year. Excellent partnership. They are always there whenever I need them. Above all, they are good people. 

Nikos Koronios / NK Skill Games
εφραίμογλου λογότυπο

They are always there for us.

Dimitris Efremoglou
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Leading experts !!!

Jim Oikonomakis / Myflex
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Leading experts !!!

Jim Oikonomakis / Flexstores
gavrilos bros λογότυπο

We are very happy with the cooperation. After several years of failed partners in the field of digital advertising, we found a reliable partner who understands our needs and works methodically for the best result.

Gavrilos Bros SA
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Excellent collaboration with Lithos team! I strongly recommend you to work with this great team !!! Outcome exceeds expectations!

Theodore Asonitis / AB Design & Conception
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Excellent collaboration with Lithos team! I strongly recommend you to work with this great team !!! Outcome exceeds expectations!

Theodore Asonitis / AB 3D Scanning
aftognosia Λογότυπο

Fantastic cooperation with Mr. Meksis! He is a responsible, knowledgeable individual who loves his job!

Grigoris Vasileiadis
mv beauty art Λογότυπο

They are excellent professionals. They never say “can’t do”. They are always ready to jump-in and get the job done. Always have a variety of innovated proposals to offer. @MVBeautyArt is very appreciative of their job.

MV Beauty Art
κτήμα κοντογιώργη λογότυπο

We entrusted the creation of our website to LITHOS DIGITAL, and we are happy with our decision because the result is excellent!

Well done to the whole team, but especially let me congratulate Andreas for his consistency, professionalism and kindness, and Dimitris for his creativity and imagination, his artistic approach and his helpfulness in terms of training and assistance.

Zerdila Olga-Klio
psichogios Λογότυπο

After almost a year of working with Lithos Digital, I can say that their professionalism is not comparable. Their immediate priority is the correct, immediate and quality customer service. A big thank you to Andreas and Dimitris for this perfect collaboration which obviously does not end here as they will undertake other projects.

Ilias Karanikolas
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The cooperation with Lithos Digital has been a great source of inspiration as excellent results have been established. They have a great understanding of digital marketing, always responsive and there for you when needed!

Aris Konstantopoulos
liquigate λογότυπο

Great agency with a deep understanding of SEO and digital marketing. As a consultant I have worked closely with Lithos and recommended them to many of my partners. Highly recommended!

Denis Veisllari
aspassia tagliente Λογότυπο

True professionals. They willingly adjust their schedule to be available when needed. Fast responses and constant availability. Happy with the collaboration.

Aspassia Tagliente
desyllas games λογότυπο

True professionals, fast and efficient. Very good communication and  specialized knowledge in their field.

Michalis Kanellos / Desyllas Games
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Lithos Digital is the epitome of excellent collaboration. Effective communication about and immediate response to our issues or demands while they are always down to look for the best way to promote our business. 

Dimitris Stratigentas / Greek TravelTellers
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Very consistent, eager and informed. True professionals! We have seen results from the first month and very much appreciate our collaboration with Lithos Digital!

Michalis Uroumis / Fitnovation
Lithos Digital - fitnovation_logo

The best partners I have ever had in this field. Always well informed, always eager and creative. Thank you very much, Lithos!!

Electra Radiotis / Fitnovation
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Experts in their field. They love what they do and it shows! Their work is characterized by professionalism, precision and of course excellent response to the demands. I would highly recommend them.

Eleni Papageorgiou
lafasi λογότυπο

We thank Lithos Digital for the excellent cooperation we had for the development of our website ( Professionalism and consistency.

Sakis Tiliakos
4tec Λογότυπο

Excellent professional work, great expertise in their field, and are always willing to hear you out when you need them and give you an immediate solution. I strongly recommend them, A +++.

Zorzos Thanasis / 4Tec Security
sigma web λογότυπο

Because of my field of work, I know many digital marketing professionals. I admit that the team of Lithos Digital impressed me with the results of their work, but especially with the ethos and the attention that they face each client. It is obvious that their first concern is the best result.

Vougas Stratos / Sigma Web
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I worked with the company on website design and hosting services. Very good service and a high level of professionalism!

Pantelis Hatzisinakis / Tax Compass
παπαηλια ντινωρης λογότυπο

Knowledgeable in their field with quite good support!

Eleni Dinori
multi travel λογότυπο

Excellent service and friendly, knowledgeable staff.

Kitsikoudis Panagiotis / Multi Travel
kalidoni travel λογότυπο

Over the past 2 years, we have been collaborating on the advertising and promotion of our Travel Agency with Lithos Digital. We only have great things to say about the attention they give to their customers, but also how much they have raised our presence online. In short: Friendly relationship, professionalism, reliability and always by the client/friend.

Sophia Kalidoni / KALIDONI TRAVEL
feel music λογότυπο

With Lithos Digital we collaborated to develop our website From the first moment I was impressed by their professionalism. They came directly to our offices and understood our needs. They were very fast at work and perfectly straightforward. We will certainly extend our cooperation to other areas.

Nikos Spiratos / FEEL MUSIC
texnikoi 24-7 Λογότυπο

Excellent cooperation! Lithos Digital was a truly life-saving choice for our company at a time when we needed a partner to help us find new customers and grow further. We had heard promises from many companies without substantial results. With Lithos Digital, we’ve seen results as our company statistics go up every month.

Texnikoi24-7 Team / TEXNIKOI24-7
χρυσή γωνιά λογότυπο

Our cooperation with Lithos Digital was based on the understanding of our company’s needs and the proper preparation for the presentation of the material, but above all its character. Our collaboration is based on know-how and sincerity and they always stand by their client for whatever help they may need. We sincerely thank them.

Anna Anaplioti / GOLDEN CORNER
perfect nutrition λογότυπο

The cooperation between Perfect Nutrition and Lithοs Digital was the springboard for the development of our company and its gradual rise. The advisory and technical services we have been provided have helped to set our demands high, and our goals in general.

Ilias Partatilas / PERFECT NUTRITION
furious cars Λογότυπο

With Lithos Digital we collaborated to develop our website. They responded to our demands and needs faster than expected. They created a new website and offered us new services for which we are grateful. Incredible service and they’ve stood by us at every step of the way.

Georgios Babas / FURIOUS CARS