Lithos Digital’s dedication to digital marketing excellence is at the core. Proof is our collection of awards, behind which our innovation in the industry and the trust of our customers lie.

Greece Prestige Awards 2022:23 – Digital Marketing Firm of the Year

In 2022-23, Lithos Digital managed to win the title of Digital Marketing Company of the Year at the Greece Prestige Awards.

Key principles of our company’s team are love and passion for the field of digital marketing. This prestigious award highlights our commitment to go even further, providing ideal solutions for guaranteed success in the digital world. With gratitude for the trust of our clients, we are ready for even greater challenges.

London & South East Prestige Awards 2023:24 – SEO Agency of the Year

One of our achievements is gaining the title of SEO Agency of the Year 2023-24 at the London & South East Prestige Awards.

At Lithos Digital, we are dedicated to enhancing the digital presence of our clients through strategic SEO solutions. By receiving this prestigious title, we affirm that optimising your online visibility in the best possible way is particularly important for us. What is our concern? To inspire credibility and continue delivering outstanding results.

Media Innovator Awards by Corporate Vision – Most Cutting Edge Digital Marketing Agency

The Media Innovator Awards by Corporate Vision recognise pioneers in the field of media. Lithos Digital was honored for being the Most Cutting Edge Digital Marketing Agency, showcasing its innovative spirit.

This honour underscores our relentless zeal to exceed boundaries and provide revolutionary propositions to our clients. It reflects the hard work of our team, and we are grateful for the recognition of our long-term expertise in the ever-evolving sphere of digital marketing.

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SME NEWS – Best Global SEO Company 2023

SME NEWS sheds light on global small and medium-sized enterprises, celebrating their innovation and creativity. Lithos Digital was named the top SEO company worldwide for 2023.

This special award emphasises our need to promote groundbreaking practices and top-notch service in the digital arena. Our aim has always been to find tailored SEO solutions that strengthen our client portfolio’s image on a global scale. SME NEWS has given us additional motivation in our mission regarding search engine optimisation.

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Web Excellence Awards – Advertising & Marketing – SEO

At the Web Excellence Awards, companies which are successful in developing their clients through the internet are honored and recognised. Lithos achieved prominence in the Advertising and Marketing – SEO sector, simultaneously earning the highly-desired SEO case study certification for Plonk Golf in London.

The presentation of this combined award-certification depicts our continuous pursuit of providing services that bring tangible results for those who have chosen us for their business journey. It is evidence of our expertise and specialisation in the dynamic landscape of search engine optimisation.

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Web Excellence Awards – Website

At the Web Excellence Awards, the Lithos team, once again, stood out among others, securing the Excellence award in the “Travel Website” category, as well as the corresponding certificate, which is related to the construction of the Corfu Yachts website.

Undoubtedly, this win, for us, shows our undivided desire to design immersive digital experiences customised to the travel industry. Our main principle is the blend of creativity with technical finesse in order to result in exciting websites, such as Corfu Yachts, that resonate with audiences.

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