We ask you to carefully read the following information so that you are aware of how this website works. The use of the specific website entails that you consent to the following terms.

A. Terms of Use


  • When we say “website“, we mean this specific portal.
  • When you see the word “content”, we mean all the data included in this website. For example, every table, chart, information, reference, analysis, text, image or other digital content.
  • When we use the term “user”, we refer to every visitor of this website.
  • The term “use” entails the access, reading, advice, storage, recording, installation, printing and any other type of viewing method of the content of the website.
  • When we use the word “owner”, the “Lithos Digital“ company is implied, the owner of the website and its content or the legal user of the pieces of media that does not possess their original copyrights.

You should read the following text carefully as it explains the globally accepted terms and conditions about accessing and using a website. It is free to read and use the information provided in this website. However, users should follow the following rules, terms and conditions:

1. Ownership and copyrights 

The owner of the website possess the copyrights on its content, except for the cases where it is stated otherwise. The owner retains the copyrights on the content of this website at all times even on future copies or if it is presented in another form wherever they may be.

2. Usage Rights

Visitors are allowed to use this website for strictly personal reasons, and they should follow the terms stated on this webpage. They should not take advantage of the information provided for commercial uses, for example posting parts or whole texts, paraphrasing them and creating works based on this website without following the current legislation and not receiving the owner’s consent.

3. Compensation

The content of this website is informative and advisory. All the texts are revised and modified frequently. The owner is not expected to compensate users for direct or indirect losses and damages related to actions taken after reading the information shared on this website.

5. Linking to other e-mail addresses

The website provides direct access to other websites and/or online spaces. The owner is not responsible for their content and cannot guarantee that they are safe or share accurate information.

7. Security 

Lithos Digital takes all necessary steps to ensure the comprehensibility and the quality of its services. However, taking the unpredictable nature of the Internet into account, the owner is not liable for any kind of damage that the user may suffer from after visiting this website and utilizing its services.

8. Transitional Provisions

The current terms of use are governed by Greek law. Any disagreements or conflicts are to be settled in Greek courts. However, the owner has the right to interpret the terms of use on this website according to the laws in the uses’ country and to turn to justice systems in the users’ place of origin.


Consequences: The use, reposting or the circulation, and any other kind of exploitation of the content on this website without having received the owner’s consent leads to a number of legal punishments according to the 2121/1993 law about copyrights and other similar regulations.

9. Comments on articles 

The option to comment on articles is offered so users can share their opinions on the topic of each article. The users/visitors of LithosDigital.com can comment on all articles either by registering on the website or by simply sharing their comments without registration. The users/visitors of LithosDigital.com can even open a dialogue with other visitors of this website in the comment section, but comments that include insulting and racist remarks or promote violence are not allowed. LithosDigital.com has the right to monitor comments before or after they are posted. The website monitors can refuse to share or delete user comments without providing a reason if they do not comply with the comments policy, with the law and especially if they have an insulting, racist or immoral character. LithosDigital.com does not accept or adopt the personal opinions expressed in the comments section by users. Comments shared on this site should: – Be respectful and secure everyone’s freedom of speech and expression on this website and on the internet in general. – Do not insult other users of this website and follow the rules and the moral principles that help make the Internet a safe place. – Respect human rights and minority culture.

  1. Comment something relevant to the article.
  2. Do not attack people and do not make offensive remarks. You should not send a message that will cause conflicts. You should show respects to all users even if you disagree with them. You should respect all individuals or businesses even if they have harmed you.
  3. You mustn’t comment for commercial purposes, for example in order to promote another website.
  4. Don’t comment the same thing multiple times, do not copy comments from other websites and do not include suspicious links in your comment.
  5. Do not resend comments that have been deleted.
  6. Avoid capital letters: they create tension as they give the impression that the commenter is screaming.
  7. Proofread your comment so as to ensure that it is written in proper English and it makes sense.
  8. Contribute to the discussion!
  9. The administrators of LithosDigital.com review submitted comments and upload the ones that do not violate the aforementioned rules.

If a deleted comment has sparked conversion, the whole thread of messages will be delated so that there are no answers to non-existent comments.

10. Product Ownership – Copyrights and Industrial Ownership

The content of this website, including its titles, logos, images, graphics, texts, etc. and its services belong to LithosDigital.com, apart from parts that derive from third-parties and they are protected by regional, national and international law. The fact that content that belongs to third-parties is used on this website does not mean that other individuals or websites have also the right to use them. The user/visitor of this website can take advantage of the content and the services of LithosDigital.com for exclusively personal purposes and needs, but they cannot offer it to other people for free or for money. For instance, the disclosure, the broadcasting, the reproduction, the presentation, the resale or any other usage of both the content and the services on LithosDigital.com, or parts of them, for commercial use or non-agreed purpose are prohibited.

11. Disclaimer of Liability

LithosDigital.com does not promise accuracy, thoroughness, validity, commercial value or age-appropriateness for its application to any kind of purpose. Under no circumstances is LithosDigital.com responsible for any losses suffered by users/visitors of webpages, services and available options of this website as they are the ones to take the initiative to make use of them and they are aware of the terms of use. Additionally, LithosDigital.com does not guarantee that the pages, services and options will be constantly available without errors, that mistakes will be corrected or that it will provide answers to all the questions it gets. Similarly, LithosDigital.com does not promise that the website, other cognate online spaces or the servers which host the content that is offered to users do not have viruses or other detrimental programs. Users bear the cost of fixing their devices, and not LithosDigital.com.

Β. General Data Protection Regulation – GDPR

LithosDigital.com is governed by the European General Data Protection Regulation. We respect your privacy and are committed to protecting it. The purpose of this Privacy Policy is to inform you what personally identifiable information we may collect and how it may be used. This statement only applies to this Website.

Automatically-Collected Information: We automatically collect certain information about you and the device with which you access the website. For example, when you use the website, we will log your IP address, operating system type, browser type, referring website, pages you viewed, and the dates/times when you accessed the website. We may also collect information about actions you take when using the website, such as links clicked. LithosDigital.com does not collect any other personal information when you are just browsing the website.

LithosDigital.com uses cookies to ensure the website’s excellent performance. The cookies collect information about the way visitors use the website so that it becomes easier to optimize services, to transition from one page to another effortlessly and to gather accurate statistics. The same applies to Google Analytics and any other plugin used on this website as they gather statistics and not personal information.

LithosDigital.com uses the SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) cryptographic protocol as it offers the greatest security when it comes to users’ personal data transfer. The SSL protocol codes every piece of information that the server receives when users use the contact form on the website, thus protecting their personal information as they are transferred on the internet.

1. Policy Implementation 

This privacy policy explains how LithosDigital.com collects, uses, processes, stores, handles and protects its users’ personal data which are gathered during their browsing the pages on the website www.LithosDigital.com. All the personal data protection policies of the company abide by the law.

This policy does not apply to information gathered by other websites or by companies that we do not control. You should keep in mind that this website contains hyperlinks and advertising banners to other websites. For example, if you click on an ad on this website, you will be transferred to another website; in this case this privacy policy may not apply to the information collected by the new website. We are not responsible for the practices used for the personal data protection by other websites. We recommend that you read the privacy policy of every website you visit.

2. Information that Are Collected

The website collects the following personal data:

  • Name or username
  • Email address
  • IP address
  • Device information

Minor users have access to the services of the website as long as their parents or guardians have given their consent, but they do not have to submit their personal information. In case that underage people provide their information, LithosDigital.com will delete them.
Information about the way LithosDigital.com Uses Personal Data – according to the European General Data Personal Protection 679/2016

How your information may be used

LithosDigital.com collects personal data that users have voluntarily submitted to the website. This collection aims at providing access to online services such as:

  • Subscription to Newsletters
  • To comment or reaction (Like / Dislike) to articles on the website
  • To take part in competitions organized by the website,
  • Personalization of available services

Automatically-collected information when you visit and interact with the website: We would like to inform you that appropriate technologies are used for the collection and processing of your personal details. This is essential to respond to your requests properly, to use the services of LithosDigital.com effectively and to identify the website’s users.

The data that may automatically be collected when you visit and interact with the website are:

  • the IP address of your computer;
  • your operating system and your browser type;
  • the websites you visited before and after this website;
  • websites and ads you watched and the links you clicked while on this website;
  • information about your server connection;
  • information collected through HTML cookies and other similar technologies;
  • information about your internet providers.

LithosDigital.com does not manage, collects or process location data, which are collected and processed exclusively by the operating systems of each electronic device you may be using (for example, Apple Inc collects location from devices with iOS operating system, while data by android devices are stored to Google Inc). LithosDigital.com does not require access to your device’s GPS signal.

3. Data Collection Sources & Sharing them with Third Parties

Users submit their personal data either automatically as they browse the website or consciously as they complete the necessary fields for their registration for a service. They also provide their personal details when they send us an email via the contact form or when they subscribe to newsletters. The recipients of Newsletters can stop receiving emails by visiting the website and selecting “unsubscribe”.

Lithos Digital is the data controller of your information. We deeply respect your data and privacy and never sell it to third parties or institutions, apart from cases which legal obligations force us to share them with official authorities. You can contact you data controller, us, here at info@lithosdigital.com. We do our best to receive only the essential information and process them in a legal and responsible manner.

4. How Long Are Personal Data Retained

The duration of personal data retention depends on the legal base of their use. If a user submits their personal information consciously so as to create an account and use the available services, we retain their data for as long as we have a business relationship with them. If, for whatever reason, the user retracts their consent and our relationship is terminated, we will retain their information until the statute of limitations passes and we are certain that we do not have any professional benefit to retain the specific client’s details any longer. The criterion for the clearance of the personal data storage is based on compliance with deadlines stated by the law and principles of minimization of data, restrictions on the amount of information that can be saved or a cleaver management of our documents.

5. Rights Related to your Personal Information

  1. Opt-out – You may opt-out of future email communications by following the unsubscribe links in our emails. You may also send us an email at info@lithosdigital.com, letting us know that you want to be removed from our mailing list.
  2. Access – You may access the personal information we have about you by submitting a request to info@lithosdigital.com.
  3. Amend – You may contact us at info@lithosdigital.com to amend or update your personal information.
  4. Forget – In certain situations, you may request that we erase or forget your personal data. To do so, please submit a request to info@lithosdigital.com.

Please note that we may need to retain certain information for record-keeping purposes or to complete transactions, or when required by law.

  • It is free of charge to exercise any of the rights mentioned above by sending a letter to LithosDigital office, by calling up [210 2208578] or sending an email at info@lithosdigital.com. In case the administrative cost is high, you will be charged accordingly.
  • Once we are aware of your request, we will do our best to satisfy your demand within thirty (30) days. We will let you know about its successful completion or the potential issues that hinder us from processing your request.
  • Besides, you can oppose to the process of your personal data at any time by retracting your consent (GDPR 679/2016 Article 7(3)).

6. How LithosDigital.com Uses Personal Data

LithosDigital.com takes action and takes all the necessary technical and administrative measures to protect users’ data from getting lost, being immorally used, causing damages, being altered and providing unauthorized access as it is stated in article 32 of GDPR. In order to protect personal data against serious risks, it takes steps such as: a) decoding personal data, b) privacy policy (GDPR 679/2016 Article 90), integrity, availability and credibility of the processing systems and services, c) restoration of the access to available personal data in reasonable time in case of a natural or technical problem, d) frequent testing and evaluation of the efficiency of the technical and organizational measures for their secure processing. Furthermore, LithosDigital.com ensures that every individual acts under the guidance of data experts who have access to their personal data and give them permission to edit them only when necessary.

7. Cookies & other Technologies

  • What are cookies and why does LithosDigital.com use them: Cookies are small text files that are automatically placed on your computer or mobile device when you visit almost any website. They are stored by your Internet browser. Cookies contain basic information about your Internet use, but they do not normally identify you personally. Your browser sends these cookies back to the site every time you revisit it, so it can recognize your computer or mobile device and personalize and improve your site experience.
  • Under no circumstances do cookies contain personal information (such as phone number or email) that allow someone to come to contact with a visitor of the website. Additionally, cookies do not provide access to the documents and the files on your computer.
  • Cookies help us understand what did and didn’t interest you about our site, so we can provide you with features that are more relevant and useful to you next time you visit. We also use cookies to analyze how visitors use the site.
  • Which cookies do we use? The cookies we use fall into 3 categories. These categories are described below. You can find further information about the cookies in each category by accessing the Cookie Consent Tool.
    Essential cookies are necessary to help you access and move around our site and use all its features. Without these cookies, our website would not work properly and you would not be able to use certain important features. For example, we use a cookie to keep you logged in during your visit, so the site does not require you to log in repeatedly to access different pages. We also use essential cookies for fraud detection and prevention purposes.
  • Do you want to delete cookies; Users may, at any time, prevent the setting of cookies, by the Website, by using a corresponding setting of your internet browser and may thus permanently deny the setting of cookies. Furthermore, already set cookies may be deleted at any time via an Internet browser or other software programs. This is possible in all popular Internet browsers. However, if users deactivate the setting of cookies in your Internet browser, not all functions of our Website may be entirely usable.
  • The Software of this website is designed in a way that provides the ultimate level of security. Only authorized employees, who have been specially trained in clients’ data management, are given access to your personal information when it is necessary in order to satisfy your requests.

8. How to Report Things

For questions or issues related to personal data processing, you should not hesitate to contact LithosDigital.com by calling [210 2208578] or sending an email [info@lithosdigital.com]

You can also turn to Data Protection Authorities. They accept the submission of complaints by post or via email, and handle such cases.

9. Changes to these terms of use

This policy is modified from time to time due to changes to the personal data legislation or to the structure of LithosDigital.com. Therefore, we recommend that users should visit this page frequently so as to keep up to date with the latest privacy tactics.

For more information about the protection of your personal data, you can contact LithosDigital.com via email.

Governing Law and Other Terms

Discrepancies between these terms of use and the way users handle the content of this website fall within the jurisdiction of Greek courts -if a private agreement cannot be reached. If you want to contact the owner of this website, you should fill out the form on the contact page. If you have spotted a legal or moral gap on the information provided on this page, please let us know by sending us an email at info@lithosdigital.com.