Lithos Digital contributes to the dissemination of the pioneering afforestation system of the non-profit environmental organization called AZA.

Greece is still trying to heal the wounds from the most devastating fire in Europe as well as the sweeping floods in Thessaly, while climate change remains a critical issue worldwide. However, hope for environmental recovery is offered by scientific projects such as the innovative tree planting system developed by the non-profit organization Arid Zone Afforestation (AZA). For such projects to bear fruit, the assistance of all is required.

How does Lithos Digital participate in the fight for ecological consciousness?

With great pleasure, Lithos Digital, a Greek digital marketing company, becomes a sponsor of AZA’s pioneering afforestation project with the aim of bringing more greenery to the map of Greece.

Lithos Digital, a company “living” in cyberspace, has engaged in many social initiatives throughout its existence, such as supporting small Greek businesses and young entrepreneurs. The human nature that compels everyone to help their fellow human being lies behind such acts of solidarity. Because when one person succeeds, the whole species advances.

However, human beings cannot survive without nature. Ecological consciousness now, more than ever, should not only be planted but primarily demonstrated through small and large actions. Today, Lithos Digital fulfills this social responsibility by sponsoring  AZA, thus marrying the digital with the natural world.

What is the purpose of AZA?

AZA is a non-profit organization aiming at creating a green Greece. It approaches issues related to climate change and the protection of the natural environment through scientific study and experimentation. Afforestation in deserted and burnt areas is the main action in order for it to achieve its goal. But how can a tree survive and grow in such arid or tormented lands? This is possible thanks to the special planting system called Safe Tree, which was invented by the company’s scientific team.

What is Safe Tree?

Safe Tree is the special system for planting trees in areas with unfavorable conditions for their survival, such as landscapes with little or no rainfall for extended periods.

How does this system allow for the normal development of trees in environments unfavorable to them? In simple terms, the afforestation model consists of special sections that collect and store water during rainfall or irrigation, thus covering the tree’s moisture needs even during periods of drought. In this way, not only are the trees self-watered, but mycorrhizae are also activated, which nourish and protect the plant roots.

The pioneering Safe Tree afforestation system has already been used for reforestation projects by AZA with funds from sponsors in the Municipality of Sitia in Crete, on Mount Parnitha, and Mount Penteli in Attica.

Anyone can provide financial assistance for reforestation projects or purchase the Safe Tree system by visiting AZA’s official website.