Your business works efficiently without any problems and everything is good. But sometimes this is not the case and suddenly your website “goes down”. Whenever this happens, you say to yourself, “I have to boost my website someday.” And this “someday” never comes. At least until now!

While your business is growing, you realize that your customers may have a less pleasant experience when they visit your website. This unpleasant experience you face when you look at your site is shared with customers or even worse potential customers.

Who would like to work with a company with such a tedious, slow and outdated website? Probably nobody.

Ignoring the need to update your website or consult a website redesign service in time may have potentially devastating effects. Your site is perhaps the first contact that many people have with your business. It’s the reflection of your professionalism and your work and you want to make sure it makes a good first impression on internet users who could turn into potential customers.

What to keep in mind when updating your website

In addition to the obvious enhancements to colors, layout, and overall appearance, you should also consider the functionality of your new site and the user experience. It is very important for search engine optimization (SEO) as it plays a key role in a website today.

Below you will find important information about renewing your company website:

Website Design

Your refreshed website must have more creative design elements to stand out from the myriad websites that fill the Internet. In order to be perceived on the web, your site must be unique, relevant to your subject and useful. To do this you can ask for advice from professionals in the field such as a web design and web marketing company.

But how does a website stand out? Here are some web design trends worth seeing:

  • Use more geometric shapes and lines
  • Use or create a unique font style for your headings and text, excluding traditional fonts with a central layout such as fond serifs
  • Use tilt images
  • More use of GIFs and cartoons, but do not take us back in the 90s
  • Mobile phone versatility (make sure your new website has a mobile decoding design which means your site will be easy to navigate on both a large computer monitor and a small mobile phone screen)
  • More Manuscripts

User experience

Your website may look flashy with bright colors, images, videos and animations, but if visitors can not easily find their way around what they are looking for, they will quickly abandon it and they will prefer another that is more easy to navigate.

Internet users know what they want and do not have the patience to waste their time unnecessarily searching for it, so clear guidelines are very important. Also, when navigating, they want to clarify what they need to do, so it is important to have a clear call to action . Do not overdo it, however, as users get confused easily if you bomb them with buttons telling them to do something and you are causing them anxiety that they do not want.

Therefore, a single push button on each page makes it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for. Such a button is the “search” field at the top of each web page or a link to the site map at the bottom. When visitors are not required to take multiple actions, they can quickly search for and find what they are looking for easily and quickly.


In recent years, content has become a growing “need” of web design. Information is instantly available and when users search for something, they want relevant and immediate answers.

Search engines determine the user experience on your site. To be noticed by a user, it is not enough to be a unique website creatively designed, you should show up on search engines, and most importantly, be a reliable and valid source of information to internet users. This can be achieved through professional, interesting and useful content. Understand your audience and its needs. What are they looking for and how does your website answer their questions or how does it solve their problems? The quality of the content will make your business a leader in its industry. Once users begin to trust your brand through the content on your site, then you will see the results you want.

While web design will greatly improve your online presence, your site will not take off without proper tactics around search engines (SEO). Website design, user experience and content are all aspects that contribute to full optimization, and even these website design elements can have a significant impact on your ranking.

In conclusion, we understand that in today’s digital age, a company does not have the luxury of not being constantly available, let alone having an outdated, slow or poorly designed website. If you need tips on how to give your site a character or you want us to create your new website, then email us at .