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Build and give character to your new website exactly as Google and your customers want it: Google & User-Friendly, Modern Design, Fully Responsive.

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What is Website and eShop Development?

Web Design is the creation of a new website from scratch to its final form. That’s a complete, full-featured web site with a beautiful, modern design, an easy-to-use platform with its own character and fully functional as it can be viewed on all devices, whether that is a computer or a cell phone. It can be a simple site of a business or a professional or even the eShop of a big company with thousands of products. It also includes web development, i.e. creating code for proper operation and security, and web design for an attractive look with nice graphics.


 – Brian Reed

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Why is good web design so important?

Proper website design is probably the most important thing for a business. More important than anything else. It is the foundation of your online business. If your site is not built right from the start, then you will soon be spending a lot more money trying to fix mistakes and in the end you will probably have to pay again to make a new website from scratch. This is all because it is not enough for a website to be modern and eye-catching. The most important thing of all is that it is Google-friendly so that the proper SEO optimization and content marketing can be conducted. Even the most stunning website will end up being invisible to internet users, and especially potential customers, if Google doesn’t read it.

Web development – web design services at Lithos Digital

At Lithos Digital we acknowledge that each client has different needs, and we always take their unique character into account when we build their website or eshop. Having worked with hundreds of businesses from around the world and across all sectors, we can provide effective solutions and create a professional website that will stand out and show up perfectly on all devices.

Also, if you have a specific request, we will do the best we can to make it happen just as you have imagined it by combining our knowledge and experience with your own taste and touch.

It is important to note that 95% of all Lithos Digital sites and eShops are on the well-known WordPress platform. The reason we mainly use WordPress is because Google likes WordPress and we follow Google. It is very important that a website is created in such a way that Google can read it and understand it accurately, easily and quickly. This will come in handy later in Digital Marketing and in SEO services. Here are some of the key things to do when building a website.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Web Development

What is the difference between a website and an eshop?

They are basically the same thing. Their sole difference is the fact that an eshop is a website that sells online products and/or services.

How long does it take to build a website?

The Lithos Digital developers can build a website within a month if they possess the materials that are to be included in the site.

How much does it cost to build a website?

The cost of building a website ranges from 1,300 to 15,000 euro, depending on clients’ needs and web design.

Who will write the texts on the new website?

You are responsible for the texts on your website. If you want a professional writer to take on this task, the copywriters of Lithos Digital can compose original texts for you at an additional cost.

I don’t have images of high quality. What should we do?

You don’t have to worry about that as professional and copyright-free photographs from the Lithos Digital image bank can be used.

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