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Create and give character to your new website exactly as Google and your customers want it. Google & User Friendly - Modern Design - Fully Responsive.

What is website and eShop development?

Web Design is the creation of a new website from scratch to its final form. That’s a complete, full-featured web site with a beautiful modern design, easy to use, with its own character and fully functional to display perfectly on all devices, whether that is a computer or a mobile device. It can be a simple site of a business or a professional or even eShop of a big company with thousands of products. It also includes web development, ie creating code for proper operation and security and web design for an attractive look with nice graphics.


- Brian Reed

Why is the correct website design so important?

Proper website design is probably the most important thing for a business. More important than anything else. It is the foundation of your online business. If your site is not built right from the start then you will soon be spending a lot more money trying to fix mistakes and in the end you will probably have to pay again to make a new website from scratch. And all that because it is not enough for a website to be fashionable and to be likable to the human eye. The most important part is that Google can read it correctly. Because even the most beautiful website in the world does not exist if Google cannot read it correctly and show it to your potential customers.

Web developmentweb design services at Lithos Digital

At Lithos Digital we recognize that each customer has different needs and that is why we treat each customer separately and make the website or eshop depending on the character that you want it to have. Having worked with hundreds of businesses from around the world and across all sectors, we can provide easy solutions and create a professional website that will stand out and show up perfectly on all devices. Also if you want something very specific then we will do the best we can to make it real, just as you have imagined it by combining our knowledge and experience with your own touch.
We would also like to mention that 95% of all Lithos Digital sites and eShops are on the well-known wordpress platform. The reason we mainly deal with wordpress is because Google wants WordPress and we are following Google. It is very important that a website is made in such a way that Google can read it and understand it correctly, easily and quickly. This will help too much later in Digital Marketing and in SEO services. Here are some of the key things to do with building a website.
Please fill out the following contact form with your details and your needs so that we can send you samples of some other customer websites we have made. Thanks!
  • Market research in order to build a website that will stand out of the competition.
  • Domain name registration on your behalf.
  • Super fast and secure cloud hosting at our new generation servers ensuring zero downtime. Peace of mind.
  • Web development, databases, website structure, https (ssl) and all security measures.
  • Modern Web Design, banner and slider creation etc.
  • Creation and adjustment of Google Analytics, Google Business and Google Webmaster Tools so you can have full control of your website.
  • Speed Optimization for your website to load in miliseconds.
  • Unlimited modifications until you are 100% satisfied with the final result.
  • Fully responsive for perfect performance on all devices.
  • Daily monitoring and 24/7 support.


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Message us.

Contact us to make an appointment and see how we can skyrocket your business. We will be glad to meet you and help you in every possible way.

    Message us.

    Contact us to make an appointment and see how we can skyrocket your business. We will be glad to meet you and help you in every possible way.