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What is SEO?

Search engine optimization is a vital if not the most important element of digital marketing. It consists of actions that will bring a website to the first page of Google, will gradually move it to the first place for as many keywords as possible and will ensure that it will stay there.

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Why is SEO so important?

Organic traffic is the most important aspect for a website, and consequently for the business behind it. The people who use specific keywords on search engines in order to find products and services similar to yours and they discover your brand are considered organic traffic. They are your future customers.

What makes SEO so important is the fact that if it is properly done by SEO specialists, then it has the potential to bring huge traffic to a website, to enhance the image of the business, to increase sales, to create space for growth and of course to bring more profits.

SEO Services at Lithos Digital

At Lithos Digital we recognize that each and every client has different needs, and we treat them accordingly. We carry out the appropriate SEO strategy based on your sector, your objectives and the competition. Having worked with hundreds of businesses in multiple fields from all around the world, we can identify and implement a SEO Strategy that will bring the best results in the shortest time. Here are a few examples of the main SEO strategies. The SEO, or search engine optimization, services belong to internet marketing, and they aim at promoting websites online.

It is important to remember that SEO is a part of Digital Marketing. Although it’s a powerful tool on its own, other elements of digital marketing such as insight, social, outreach, SEM (search engine marketing) and so on can give it a tremendous boost.

More about SEO

SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a subset of the term “Search Engine Marketing” (SEM). SEM in combination with Outreach, Insight, Social etc., constitute a set of actions that is called Digital Marketing. Thus, it is wrong to say that Lithos Digital offers simply SEO services as it provides a complete Digital Marketing package favored by Google.

But why is SEO so critical to the success of your business online?

A principal objective of every website is to rank on the first page of search results on Google, and especially in the first 3 positions. The results that appear on our screen when we google something are usually a combination of physical results (sometimes called organic), paid summaries (directories) and pay-per-click (PPC) ads. Surveys have shows that 40% of internet users click on paid ads while 60% of them avoid them. This 60% of people who visit a website organically is likely to stay on the site for longer. This proves the great advantage that SEO has over Google ads. However, this does not mean that paid ads should be eliminated as a potential marketing technique.

Why Google?

Because it currently holds more than half of all searches worldwide. If you further optimize your site so as to bring quality traffic, you will get the absolute return on your investment (assuming you have a solid back office process). And if you’re optimized for Google, you’ll also be ranked high on other search engines.

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SEO can (and must) be full-time.

In simple words, SEO services are monthly digital marketing actions which aim at organically placing your website at the first positions on Google for as many keywords that are related to your products or services as possible and maintaining this excellent rank. Getting to the top of google results is not done in a couple of months. Google is a huge engine that works in a slow pace; the results of the actions you take today may take 1, 2 or even 6 months to show, depending on the market, the country, the competition and other factors. This explains why only the people who invest in SEO and have patience and persistence succeed in ranking in the first place in Google results. And once they get there, they ensure that they will stay at the top and that no competitor will steal their spotlight.

A crucial first step for an effective SEO project is to perform a heavy competition analysis. In fact, if you google a basic term or a phrase related to your business and website, you should see the three to five sites that appear on the first page of Google search results. These are the winners. That’s because if you’re ranked in the 10 top Google search results, you may find that your site will have significantly increased traffic (assuming you have a competitive search term).

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It is imperative that your website is built in such a way that it’s friendly toward both the search engine and the user. In other words, it should not only be “read” properly by Google (Google friendly) but also provide all users with the answer to anything they are looking for quickly and effortlessly (user friendly). Then you will want to ensure easy navigation, clear call for action and related content. The content is extremely important. The more texts about your business you include on your website, the better your position on Google will be. You should make sure that the content is interesting so as not to bore the visitors.

You also need to make sure that your site loads quickly, is compatible with html / css and allows the visitor to know what your site is in less than eight seconds. Even if you think your visitors are familiar with your product or service, you will want to facilitate navigation and user friendliness.

SEO is one of the most powerful means of digital marketing and is critical to the success of your online business. You should not hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance or advice. We would be more than glad to help your business grow and succeed.

Frequently Asked Questions about SEO Services

SEO is literally for everyone: from local family businesses, such as a restaurant, a clothing store or an eshop, to multinational enterprises which have branches all around the world. Not to mention that all big corporations were small once. And they wouldn’t have organically climbed to the first position on Google if they hadn’t implemented a SEO strategy. Of course they have managed to remain at the top thanks to their continual investments in effective Digital Marketing tactics.

At Lithos Digital we have created a diversified portfolio. We have helped large corporations to remain at the top and to beat their competitors when it comes to organic Google search results. Additionally, we assisted many small businesses with surviving and finding their own way in this digital era, increasing their profits and growing at a steady pace. Helping those who are in need of our services, knowledge and experience is our main goal. What is the greatest achievement for us? To see small businesses which have not given up appearing higher in organic Google results than large corporations, their true competitors.

Certainly, you can opt for SEO services alone and enjoy its benefits. However, its positive results will take some time to appear, and they will definitely not be as grand as the ones that would have been produced by a complete Digital Marketing package. As we have already explained above, SEO is just a part of Digital Marketing. It is an integral part for sure, but not the only one. To be more exact, SEO (search engine optimization) is a subcategory of SEM (search engine marketing) which is a category of Digital Marketing. Other aspects of Digital Marketing are equally important such as Outreach, Insight, PPC, Social, Content, Local SEO, ASO (application search optimization).

Google seeks diversity which is satisfied by all the different parts of Digital Marketing. All these parts are interlinked and influence one another. For example, Google takes into account Social Signs which directly affect the organic results (SEO). In other words, when Google sees that many visitors of a website come from Social Networks such as Facebook, the specific website obtains value and is ranked higher. This entails that SEO services do not suffice. On the contrary, a complete Digital Marketing package can yield the best results and ensure a place at the top.

This depends highly on the content of your website, your services, your products and even the articles on the blog section of your site. Also, it is important for your website to seem “powerful” to Google — this is achieved through effective monthly Digital Marketing action plans. You may have heard that you can show up on the first page of Google for 10 keywords, for example. This is incorrect. It is impossible for a website to appear on organic Google results for only such a small and specific number of keywords and not be there when other keywords that are related to it are searched.

Let us explain how keywords work. The more quality Digital Marketing actions are taken every month, the more power your website obtains in the eyes of Google. Google sees the importance in your website and starts thoroughly examining it, using its bots, known as Google Bots or Google Crawlers. Thousands of bots explore your website from the home page to its menu, your products, your services, the blog posts and even the photos. This way, they create many combinations of keywords automatically, and these keywords are used so that your website can gradually show up on the organic results of Google. At the beginning it will be on the last pages, but it will start ranking higher according to the power it accumulates thanks to digital marketing strategies. This explains why texts are so significant; the more texts full of the right keywords on your website, the better organic results.

Of course we can. As we have already mentioned, the stronger your website seems in the eyes of Google, the better the organic results will be as your website will show up for a wide range of keywords. This is not accidental. There are many ways we can help your website rank higher for specific keywords which are frequently searched and can also help Google understand the nature of your business so that it shows your website in a better position when they are used. We can focus on keywords that are related to your brand and make your website stronger while Google creates even more keyword combinations.

At Lithos Digital we believe that every client is unique, and this is why we don’t have standard deals and prices. Every quote is given after having discussed with the particular client and having fully understood the nature of their business and their objectives. Additionally, before giving a quote, we conduct market research, keyword research and competitor analysis because they influence the strategy and the budget. Every offer is unique to the goals, the market and the wherewithal of the specific client. We always inform our clients about the types of strategy we can follow and offer alternatives between a direct and aggressive strategy (bigger budget and faster results) and a more conservative approach (lower budget and slower results). Budget is a financial term in marketing, and many clients are not familiar with it — and they don’t have to be as this is not their job. This is why at Lithos Digital we always provide a price that includes both the pay for our services and the expenses for the marketing actions we perform every month. The budget usually covers 70-80% of the final offer. The bigger the budget, the more and the better the monthly marketing actions are, thus great results are produced in a short period of time (aggressive strategy). On the contrary, when we work with a low budget, we perform less marketing actions each month which means that more time is required for the production of the desired outcome. It is important to note, however, that our clients with the lowest budget have managed to climb to the top of Google results, but it took them over a year to see the results they wanted and more than 2 years to be where they are today.

Yes, they do. The main reason why they are helpful relates to the fact that Google likes diversity and interrelated actions. Although SEO is an integral part of Digital Marketing, it needs help in order to perform excellently. Two tools that can boost its performance are Google Ads (PPC) and Social Media. When Google sees that you pay for Google ads and that there is traffic on your website, then it takes your brand seriously and favors you on its organic results. In addition to that, when Google notices high engagement on Social Media, it comes to the conclusion that people like the services or the products of the specific site and again it promotes it on its results — Google always takes Social Signs (traffic, likes, engagement etc.) into account. This is why Lithos Digital does not simply offer SEO services but a complete Digital Marketing package. Our goal is to help you achieve your objectives and get to the top of Google as soon as possible.

Google is a huge search engine that works at a slow pace. This means that actions that have been taken today won’t have immediate effect. Their outcome will be evident in 1, 3 or even 6 months. The amount of time needed for the production of results depends on the market, the product, the competition and the budget (whether we will follow a conservative or an aggressive strategy). Websites in a low-competition field rank at the top of Google faster than sites in a competitive sector. Having worked with both small and big businesses from all over the world, we have encountered all kinds of cases. We have even worked with clients who ranked first on Google in the first month. Not because there was no competition in their field but because their competitors had not utilized Digital Marketing. There have also been cases where it took a year for clients to start seeing satisfactory results and several additional months for them to reach the top of search results because they had unconventional products and high competition. Thanks to their patience and determination, they managed to succeed and to leave their competitors behind.

Traditional or Digital marketing is an investment for the future of every business. Similar to all investments, there is a risk and a percentage of failure. No marketer can guarantee positive results. If someone does that, they are lying. It is impossible to know the outcome of a marketing strategy because we are not aware of competitors’ plans and their outcome. Unfortunately, marketing cannot be accurately described with numbers.

In simple words, we cannot guarantee results. What we can guarantee is that after 6 months of proper Digital Marketing it is impossible not to get any results. Results will be produced for sure. They may not be the desired ones, but that does not mean that there will be no progress. We send analytical reports about the marketing results to all our clients every single month. Every month, our clients know at which place they appear on Google for specific keywords, if they have ranked higher or lower than the previous month, for how many keywords they appear both at the first 3 places and on the first page, the organic traffic of their website for the two last months and so much more. This entails that they can keep track of their progress from the first months of our partnership. For example, in the beginning you website may not appear anywhere on Google for an important keyword, in the second month it may show up at the 67th place, in the third month at the 43th place, in the fourth month at the 6th place and so on. The rate of your progress depends on the competition and the market. You may need a month or a year to get to the first place. The important thing is that your website will get there in a gradual and steady manner. Besides, if you get there fast, it is likely that you will fall equally fast. What we care about is that your website will reach the top and will stay there.

Of course not. After a whole year of Digital Marketing, your website is strong enough for Google and for the Internet as a whole. The main source of power comes from your domain, meaning your site’s name or your home page. When you add a new service, it should appear on the home page and on the menu. This way, the new service will draw attention from the home page and other pages with which it will be linked (internal linking) and it will start naturally showing up on Google sooner than if you started doing Digital Marketing from scratch. Now you understand why we claim that Digital Marketing is an investment for the future. As time goes by, your website becomes stronger and stronger, and all the new services and products that you may want to add will appear on Google organically and quickly, without having to put more effort. Your website becomes more and more valuable in every sense of the word.

And here we have an example (a case study). The company Wine Outlet had not made the desired sales after a year of Digital Marketing even though it was at the top of Google search for important keywords, such as “buy wine online” or “red wines”. The problem was that Greek people are not used to buying wine online. Lithos Digital is a goal-driven company, and we do our best to help our clients achieve their goals. In this case, we realized that wines are an excellent gift for any occasion. After an extensive research (keyword research), we noticed that keywords like “name day gifts”, “birthday gifts”, “wedding gifts” and so on are very popular. To be more exact, more than 6.600 people use the keyword “name day gifts” every month. The creation of 9 new gift-related categories with the brand’s products on the Wine Outlet website became as strong as the home page in just 1 month.

Texts are considered intellectual property of the person who wrote them. Google punishes whoever steals intellectual property. Google uses bots which can identify if a text has already been published somewhere else. Google bots scan texts on websites and Social Networks, such as Facebook, of a strong website, and Google stores those text on its history and saves the specific site as their owner. This means that if someone copies the text and post it on another website, Google will know and will not only decrease the “power” of the website that copied the text but also increase the influence of the “victim”, thinking that its content is so excellent that other websites want it. If all the texts of a website are copied from other sources, it will be extremely difficult for it to obtain a good organic Google rank. Not to mention that it faces the risk of receiving a penalty from Google.

It is extremely easy to find out if a website has original texts or not. We copy a small sentence (4-8 words) and paste it on Google’s search field. Before hitting “enter”, we put the sentence in quotation marks. This way, we indicate to Google that we are looking for this exact sentence and not any variations of it. After hitting “enter”, there are 3 scenarios: 1) The website where we found the specific sentence comes up at first place. This website owns the text, and all the other websites that came up stole it. 2) If the website we copied the sentence from is shown at the second, third place or below, it means that it does not contain original texts and it stole the specific section from one of the websites above, which all took it from the website at the first place. 3) If the massage “text not found” appears and no websites comes up, it means that Google has not “read”, scanned, the particular website yet.

Google loves words – texts. Google does not recognize graphics and photographs if they are not accompanied by the right description with the appropriate keywords. Texts must be original and not copied by other websites. The initial benefit that comes from blogs and articles is the fact that they provide adequate new content which allows for even more potential keywords to appear which, in turn, help the website to show on Google. This is also important because Google can tell that this website is strong, not a static one, as it adds new content regularly, meaning that it is the type of website that it will favor for its organic results. Let’s not forget that Google likes user-friendly websites.

A second reason why articles are important is because they boost organic traffic significantly when they are done right and wisely. For example, we did a keyword research to identify which popular Google keywords are linked to the products of the company Perfect Nutrition. We discovered that on average 11.000 people search “how to lose weight” every month. Then, an article about tips for losing weight and products of the company was shared. The underlying purpose was that whenever someone uses the aforementioned keyword, that article will show up, the website will have organic traffic, users will get informed and the brand may even have more sales. If 100 more similar articles are written and Digital Marketing techniques are used, the website will become astonishingly powerful and the particular articles will be at the top of Google.

Another reason that articles and blogs are useful for business websites is because they inform people. People seek information and knowledge before they decide on paying for a product or a service. They will trust and support brands that have a strong online presence and a distinctive character, a Persona.

The title is obligatory, but the description is optional. As mentioned above, Google cannot process graphics and images. We can help Google understand the content of each page, including the images. Adding a title and a description helps a lot. However, the most important thing you can do is to add an “Alternative text” or “Alt Text”. Alt Text is the first thing that Google checks. If the Alt Text is missing in all images of the website, then the organic results will be suffering until it is fixed. Alt Text “tells” Google what it is shown in an image and helps it create keyword combinations so that this image can be shown to organic searches. Have you ever searched an image using a keyword? When someone opens Google, selects “Images” and types a keyword, an image of your website may be shown. If the user clicks on your image, they will be automatically transferred to the location of the image (possibly on the webpage of a product or a service). This leads to increased organic traffic and more potential customers.

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