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Keyword Research

Keyword research is the first and most important step in any Digital Marketing Strategy. It is instrumental in bringing any website at the top of the organic results of Google and in producing the best outcomes out of Google ads at the lowest cost.

In other words, keyword research is the discovery of keywords which are associated with the services or the products of a specific business and there is a great demand for them on Google.gr or any other Google variant, depending on our target group and their country. This allows us to see what exactly people are searching which, in turn, helps us shape your business website, create the ideal strategy to promote services or products and find new business opportunities. We know how many people on average search for a specific keyword or a keyphrase and various combinations with a word we are interested in, or even synonyms and similar expressions. Additionally, we can evaluate the competition among our top keywords so that we can make wise choices when planning our Digital Marketing strategy.

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Who should be interested in Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the right move for all small and big businesses that aim at promoting their products or services online whether they have a website or they are about to build one. Keyword research facilitates the creation of a wise strategy and making the right decisions about promotion tactics, the competition and the budget in order to yield the desired results. Furthermore, it helps with general research about investing in new opportunities or rejecting business ideas due to low demand or high competition.

The advantages of Keyword Research

  • Find the most significant keywords for your business or a specific product or service.
  • Discover new opportunities, meaning keywords that are searched a lot but have low competition.
  • Create the ideal promotion strategy (Digital Marketing Strategy).
  • Website optimization for better Google organic results (on page SEO).
  • Use appropriate headings and create content based on popular keywords.
  • Evaluate budget and overall investment cost.
  • Maximize ROI (return on investment).
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Why choose Lithos Digital for Keyword Research?

A Google search will provide you with a number of free and easy-to-use keyword research tools which promise excellent results. Nothing could be farther from the truth. It is hard to find a free or cheap tool that produces 100% accurate results. Keyword research is not as simple as it sounds. In order to be done correctly, you have to be absolutely sure that the figures you see correspond to reality. How can you secure valid results? You need several premium tools and special Digital Marketing Analysts. At Lithos Digital we posses the best premium tools in the world, which few know about, and experts in the field. This exceptional combination enables us to guarantee 100% valid results and the discovery of the most efficient keywords for your business (top converting keywords). Our extensive experience in conducting keyword research for small and big businesses all over the globe in multiple languages gives us the confidence to claim that we have what it takes to improve the online performance of your business.

NOTICE: Please read carefully the process and the terms and conditions before you continue with your order. Once you pay for this service, you consent to the following terms and conditions:

  1. Once we send the file detailing the results of our research on the keywords you requested, your order is finished and Lithos Digital has no further obligations toward the specific order and keywords.
  2. The file contains explanations of what the results and the columns show and which keywords we consider more important. Due to our work load, we are unable to provide answer or clarifications over the phone or via email.

Frequently Asked Questions about Keyword Research

What are the benefits of keyword research?

This service is responsible for finding keywords that are in high demand but have low competition, for getting a better idea of the market and for mastering SEO.

How do I choose the correct keywords for my website?

Lithos Digital chooses the right keywords for your website so that you can focus on the descriptions.

How can I optimize the content of my website after keyword research?

Once the keyword research is finished, content creation based on the keywords that we have chosen and the addition of new categories or pages, that you may have not thought of before, are excellent moves.

How many keywords should I target?

Lithos Digital will consult you on the number of keywords that are worth targeting.

Which time period does keyword research investigate?

Lithos Digital discovers the average monthly searches for specific keywords in the last 12 months, with the ability to find out more details about each month individually.

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