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What is writing posts or content marketing? To get a first idea, we could say it's an internet marketing strategy that uses digital media such as social media and email marketing.

In simple terms, content marketing is a strategy that focuses on creating content that will attract prospective buyers who will be interested in your products. The content you create should cover the needs and queries that buyers have at each stage of their decision before purchasing specific products.

It is often called inbound marketing, and uses the content distribution strategy on the web where future buyers will find and interact with it, driving them to your products or to your site.

Content marketing is not a message to your customers "Buy our Products or Services". In fact, content marketing refers to content that is interesting, informative, interactive and designed to address a particular buyer's problem. Content marketing should relate indirectly to your brand, and it should primarily concern your customer.

Content itself may vary and include blog posts, ebooks, reviews, webinars, videos, static pages. This type of content can help you give your brand value and a sense of trust in your audience, so when they are finally asked to perform an action, be more willing to do so. Also, content marketing helps a lot in website promotion online.

1. Blog posts

The blogs play an important role in content marketing strategy. Since the importance of content marketing is growing, blogging has become a primary tool for website owners to consolidate their domain and promote a message. Blog articles can be a tremendous source of education, lead to loyalty and shorten your sales cycle, providing the relevant public with consistent, relevant and useful information.

Blogging also has some SEO advantages. Each article post helps increase the number of pages of your site that are crawled by search engines. Also, by writing better-quality content and incorporating the right keywords, each post helps attract increasing traffic and search volumes to your site so your brand attracts the right audience.

In addition to the know-how and advantages of SEO, blogging and writing articles has the power to reduce the cost of acquiring new customer. This is because each blog post gives you the opportunity to attract more search traffic to your site, leading to the ability to convert readers to customers.

Sending a newsletter not only educates your potential customers but also keeps them faithful to your brand and pushes them into the sales channel.

2. Landing pages

A landing page post-click is a standalone web site created to promote a single offer and make visitors take action. This action can range from sign up for free trial, subscribe to a newsletter, search for your contact information, and more.

After-click landing pages contain persuasive features such as exciting headlines and powerful call-to-action prompts that persuade visitors to convert to clients.

3. Product Reviews

Reviews are like a recipe book. It's your gold ticket for effective content that converts users. Studies suggest that a critique of your product or service can greatly increase conversion rates. Your business can add credibility and complexity to its content when you regularly incorporate your customer feedback. Your content gets richer and your brand becomes more reliable. Reviews contain physical references to your products, which naturally enriches your content with the right keywords, making it better optimized for search.

Why is content marketing important?

In digital marketing, content is used as a powerful communication tool with perspectives. Content separates a brand and defines its distinct value among its readers. High quality and rich content can create search traffic and cause readers to share it across different social media channels or other channels.

Companies use content to enhance the current and future value of their product or service. With valuable content, they attract more potential customers and increase their credibility. However, the goal of producing high quality content is not just about acquiring new customers, but also increasing the retainment of current customers. For additional information, any clarification or if you wish for us to take over your business's content marketing, you can email us at


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    Contact us to make an appointment and see how we can skyrocket your business. We will be glad to meet you and help you in every possible way.