About the Company

To Vima tis Ko is a local and historic newspaper based in the beautiful island of Kos. It adjusted to modern times by creating a news website, which retains the professionalism and the prestige that the newspaper is known for. It includes multiple categories which pertain to topics in both Kos and the rest of Greece and the world. People keep up with current affairs at all times as new articles are published daily. Readers can also buy a digital version of the printed newspaper.

The Impact

Lithos Digital is responsible for a crucial part of the brand’s Digital Marketing (Organic Search – SEO) and manages to make the website show up at the top of Google results thanks to strategic instructions and adjustments.


  • Climb to the first page of Google.
  • Increase the number of visitors on the news site.


  • Additions and changes on the site so that it becomes more Google-friendly.
  • The website is placed in top positions for many keywords.
  • 138% increase in organic traffic.
  • Many new members joined the newspaper.
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Nowadays it is hard to find colleagues who are both credible and professional. Finding people who are passionate about their work and relate to your concerns is truly rare. For me, the Lithos Digital team, and especially Mr. Meksis, stand out. Besides their civility and knowledge of their field (you will understand what I mean from the first time you talk with them), they are more interested in offering excellent services than selling a product. There were many times when they went out of their way and took more actions than necessary in order to help me with my business even more…. They were by my side from the start, solving every single problem I had and producing exceptional results!! I strongly recommend them, especially to people who are getting started with digital marketing!!

Faidon Ioannidis / To Vima tis Ko