About the Company

You can now win luxury items by paying a small amount of money and having fun. The steps are simple and are done online. You go to nkskillgames.eu, choose the competition you are interested in, buy tickets in order to get access to the game, play and you might win an incredible gift.

The Impact

Lithos Digital designed and created the website where people can learn all about the NK Skill Games competitions and buy tickets for them (Web Development & Design).


  • Creation of a practical and secure site.
  • Option to pay online.
  • Brand awareness.


  • Delivered a modern and functional site that attracts users.
  • Secure online payments.
  • A strong and fast server hosts the site.
  • Friendly toward both users and Google.
Lithos Digital - nk_orange_logo

We have been working together for about 1 year. Excellent partnership. They are always there whenever I need them. Above all, they are good people. 

Nikos Koronios / NK Skill Games