About the Company

Vangelis and Katerina turned the bad wolf into the good protagonist of their fairy tale. In this way, they made their dream of having their own magic world full of games, laughter and joy come true. The toy store Mr. Wolf Toys -both the physical and the online store – has a huge collection of toys for babies and children at all ages. All games are carefully selected so that they can pique children’s interest, sharpen their minds and learn what having fun really means.

The Impact

Lithos Digital helps Mr. Wolf with his mission by taking on the Digital Marketing of the company. What does Lithos Digital actually do? It optimizes the eshop (Organic Search – SEO), creates online ads (Google and Social Ads) and manages the social media (Social Media Management).


  • Development of the online image of the brand.
  • Better Google ranking.
  • Acquisition of new clients.
  • Increase in online sales.


  • Changes on the eshop are made so that it becomes Google-friendly.
  • It is on the first page of Google for more than 147 keywords.
  • Boost in the traffic of the eshop and in the brand’s social media.
  • Gradual increase in the online sales thanks to organic search results.