About the Company

KSK RENT A CAR is a car rental company based in Mykonos. It is a leading company in its field as its fleet consists of modern and luxury cars which are rented in excellent condition: you won’t find the slightest scratch on them. It is the perfect option if you want to test-drive a model that has just been released.

The Impact

Lithos Digital designed and created the website (Web Development & Design) and is responsible for the Global Digital Marketing (Organic Search – SEO, Google Ads) of KSK RENT A CAR, targeting a global audience. The number of tourists who choose KSK RENT A CAR’s premium vehicles for their explorations in Mykonos or Athens during their vacations has increased since the first month of the partnership.


  • Design a modern site.
  • Place the site high on Google search results.
  • Create effective online ads.


  • Creation of an impressive website with beautiful graphics and complex functions, such as showing the availability of each car.
  • The website is ranked high on Google for specific keywords in all around the world.
  • Brand awareness.
  • Attract a new clientele.
Lithos Digital - KSK logo

It is important to have reliable and diligent partners who listen to your concerns carefully. Lithos Digital managed to exceed our expectations right from the start. Really and truly, they are astonishingly passionate about their work! I strongly recommend them!

Nektarios Kotsis / KSK Rent a Car