About the Company

Karagiannis Security Systems consists of experts who know all about security and how to offer it to their clients. The company supplies individuals and business people with high-quality alarms, cameras, microphones, sensors, fire detectors and any other device that can keep their assets safe. All those devices are installed in your place quickly and function excellently thanks to the experienced technicians in Karagiannis Security Systems.

The Impact

Lithos Digital deals with the Digital Marketing (Organic Search – SEO, Google Ads, Web Development & Design) of the company. By designing a site that is comprehensible to Google and creating ads for its promotion, many people have regained a sense of security and confidence for their home and business.


  • Creation of a professional website and eshop.
  • Rank high on Google.
  • Customer expansion.


  • Possess a modern and practical site which not only shows the company’s work but also functions as an eshop for its services.
  • The site shows up in the first positions of Google after searching relevant keywords.
  • Boost in sales.
  • Increase in brand awareness.