About the Company

Fasma Hellas specializes in appraisals and analyses of pieces of jewelry and items which are made of precious metals (gold, silver, palladium, platinum) or are adorned with precious stones, such as diamonds. The state-of-the-art spectrometers X-Strata 980 and the experienced appraisers are the secret that make Fasma Hellas stand out. People can also buy or sell gold sovereigns and bars of gold.

The Impact

Lithos Digital worked on the redesign of the business website (Web Development & Design), offering a modern and consistent look of the online image of the brand. Additionally, SEO strategies and techniques are implemented so that the fresh and stunning website is always at the top of search results of Google (Organic Search – SEO).


  • Redesign of the official website.
  • Increase in organic traffic.
  • Brand growth.
  • Better Google ranking.
  • Boost in sales.


  • Created a modern and professional site.
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The whole team is amazing! It is a company with excellent expertise in their field and vigorous solutions to every problem, not to mention their quick responses to clients!!

George Moustakas / Fasma Hellas