About the Company

Construction, expansion, renovation, maintenance and restoration of buildings are tasks that demand much attention and diligence. The AB 3D Scanning company takes advantage of technological advances and transforms real or imaginary constructions into 3D models and works on them. In this way, the architectural design is more accurate, less time is needed for the completion of a project and the work of all professionals becomes easier. The future of architecture is here and 3D Scanning is a vital part of it.

The Impact

Lithos Digital deals with the Digital Marketing of AB 3D Scanning (Web Development & Design, Organic Search – SEO, Google Ads, Social Media Ads & Management). The website where visitors are informed about the services offered by the company was designed with great emphasis on detail. Brand awareness and growth are achieved thanks to ads and posts on social media.


  • Design a professional website.
  • Boost in the demand for the company’s services.
  • Brand awareness.


  • Built a unique and professional site.
  • A Google-friendly website.
  • The business site shows up on the first page of Google.
  • Successful ads in Greece and Switzerland.
  • New clients are acquired.
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Excellent collaboration with Lithos team! I strongly recommend you to work with this great team !!! Outcome exceeds expectations!

Theodore Asonitis / AB 3D Scanning