About the Company

    Sigma Web is one of the leading web hosting companies in Greece. Its collaboration with the largest and most reliable datacenters in Greece and around the world as well as the great experience and technological know-how are some of the elements that distinguish it.

    The Impact

    Lithos Digital has undertaken Digital Marketing for Sigma Web (SEO, SEM, Outreach, etc.), aiming at the peak of Google's iceberg.


    • First rank in Google for as many keywords as possible.
    • Increase organic website traffic and clientele.


    • First rank in Google for over 34 keywords.
    • First page in Google for over 157 keywords.
    • Increase organic traffic by 36%.

    • Because of my field of work I know a large part of digital marketing professionals. I admit that the team of Lithos Digital impressed me with the results of their work, but especially with the ethos and the attention that they face each client, where it is obvious that their first concern is the best result.
      Vougas Stratos
      Sigma Web
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